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Large Lumbar Dennerolls

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No matter what makes lumbar lordosis abnormal, Denneroll can help get it back to normal.

The lumbar spine, as viewed from the side, should have a natural ‘J’-shaped curve with more curvature at the bottom. This curve is called the Lumbar Lordosis (Figure 5 below). Lifting injuries, falls, poor posture, and poor ergonomics all contribute to abnormal Lumbar Lordosis (Figures 1-4 below).

Abnormal Lumbar Lordosis puts a person at greater risk of adverse nerve, ligament, and muscle function. Ultimately, abnormal Lumbar Lordosis may lead to a number of health related disorders and increased
potential for back pain and injury.

The Lumbar Denneroll

With the Lumbar Denneroll, you can provide relief and improve health for back pain patients. Designed by chiropractors and endorsed by CBP®, The Lumbar Denneroll provides a gentle, but effective, stretch to coax the lumbar spine back to its ideal curvature, or lordosis (see Figures 6-8 below).Which relieves pain and reduces the risk of nerve, ligament, and muscle damage.

When properly used, the DENNEROLL can assist in relief of pain, muscle tension, and recovery from disc injury. Enhanced patient comfort and improved health are the goals.

Denneroll Placement

There are three areas of the low back appropriate for DENNEROLL application: Lower lumbar, Mid-Lumbar, and Thoraco-Lumbar. See Figures 9-11 above. Only a radiographic and postural analysis can determine which Denneroll Placement is right for the individual patient. The DENNEROLL device should only be used on a firm surface such as the floor, or a bench so that an effective stretch can be applied to the lumbar tissues.

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